You can’t beat a classic !

Jason Statham: “You can’t beat a classic” in one of the Expendables films.
No faces were harmed of course.

Battlefield 2 is still an absolute classic game and will always be. The sequels were good. In fact I really enjoyed the campaign mode in 3 and 4 but after that the “war stories” started getting a bit lame. However the online multiplayer element of the Battlefield games is still very good.

But the problem for many was the removal of any offline play with the AI (bots) either alone or with other players (Coop). So this site will cover Battlefield 2 tutorials, fixes and news gathered from the “mod’iverse” out there, not necessarily exclusively for SP/Coop. There are still people producing mods for the game (172 mods released according to and its still possible to learn how to enable maps for the bots.

Incoming news items include a novel fix for the broken AI commander artillery/supplies/vehicle drop, as well as a long sought out fix for problems with level audio and EAX.

Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “You can’t beat a classic !”

  1. Great page – Thanks for the information!

    I’m a gamer that started playing coop games before they existed – mates taking turns at pilot / copilot in Elite on the c64, hot-seating everything before BF2 came along. We played BF2 for years with the bots mods, forgotten realms and project reality too…still do get the bod modded base game out occasionally. A group of old friends try to meet up once a week to play games – coop boardgames and cards, but Bf2, R6:Siege, Freelancer all feature too. We’re going to have to update our Bf2 mods based on what you wrote here – so thanks again!

    I totally agree on the nonsensical demise of the bot opponent in (most) recent games. Its a shame – I hope you are right that its due an uptick in dev support.

    One we’re looking at at the moment is Insurgency:Sandstorm. Looks like the BF2 replacement (could there ever really be one?) we’ve been looking for: Good gunplay, adequate teamwork mechanics and great AI bots. Albeit, no functional vehicles, limited squad options.

    I also read that Bot mode can be turned on for Rising Storm 2 : Vietnam, albeit only working on some maps. Have you looked at this one, I wonder?

    Do you have any other suggestions for great LAN team vs AI games?

    All the best in any case,
    Keep fighting,

    1. Day of Infamy has very well coded bots. The Insurgency games are worth checking out but I have not tried the latest one as I was told the bots are very limited, but from what you’ve said I need to look again.

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