Guide to Setting up Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi PCI-e Cards with Project Reality

Project Reality could be one of the few, maybe the only Battlefield mods, to cater to X-Fi owners. Getting hold of a physical card is well worth it as they restore full surround sound and EAX. I have always found the full X-Fi/EAX sound in Battlefield 2 to be far superior to its default sound. Things really come alive in Project Reality with explosions echoing across the battlefield in ways that bring a real sense of space to the level.

However the drivers can be difficult to setup. So here is this guide !

Whatever you don’t use the drivers provided by Creative as they cause constant blue screen’s (BSOD’s).

Use the Daniel K drivers.

♦ Don’t use Windows 10 as memory protection is not available for that OS with the Daniel K drivers. This is “protected memory”. This is what causes the blue screens. The driver writes to a protected memory location and BOOM ! Blue screen.

♦ Do use Windows 8.1. An OEM key can be obtained legally for as little as £11.99.

It’s a fairly trivial task to shrink part of your hard drive and install Windows 8.1 into it for a dual boot setup with Windows 10. There are guides out there that show you how to do that.

First install the card (obviously). In my case a Creative Sound Blaster SB0880 X-Fi Titanium 7.1 PCI-e.

Then install Daaniel K’s drivers for your card model. In my case I had to do something extra to enable “What You Hear” as I’m passing the audio output from the card to my Creative SXFI USB sound card for full headphone surround sound (highly recommended by the way, and it lives up to the hype, its not “just another” headphones surround sound solution).

So I had to copy these “.dat” files from “XFTI_WUH” to  “\Audio\Drivers\SBXF\wdm\win2k_xp\data“. Over write the files. See the “ReadMe” in the “XFTI_WUH” directory.

Then once the drivers are installed What You Hear can be setup like this …

By the way I was assuming that What You Hear only does stereo sound as that’s what’s listed in its format settings. However my testing showed that in fact it is passing full surround sound.

Once you have the drivers installed you can setup the card …


Now the X-Fi will appear in the launcher menu …


Project Reality does not have this menu in it’s in game interface but other mods that install into a normal installation of BF2 will show …

So there you go. The trick is to use the Daniel K drivers and Windows 8.1. Enjoy your new amazing sounding Project Reality !

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