Forgotten Hope Coop & Solo Play

First I should say I am not part of the Forgotten Hope (FH) development team.

The dev team have very generously allowed various members of the Coop/Solo community to unofficially add Coop/Solo support to various official and unofficial maps.

The official FH maps tend to be extremely stable. For example with Lenino I looked inside one its archives. Many files are dated 2015 and the latest dates are 2018 which is when the map was released. This means the map was in testing for around 3 years although I’m not sure when Coop support was added. Official maps that have been unofficially Coop enabled (usually by Darman, an FH Beta Tester) usually end with “_coop” in their level directory name.

They can be obtained here …

Forgotten Hope does not have an official AI developer at the moment (apply if you think you have the skills). So some of the more recent unofficial Coop maps and unofficial conversion of official Coop maps are not very stable. If you want guaranteed stability (ie. hours of uninterrupted game play) then only use the official Forgotten Hope maps as these have had many bug fixes over the years and the attention of the official Coop developer (when there was one). However many of the unofficial conversions and unofficial custom fan made maps are stable … hence my testing here. After a few irritating “CTD’s” (Crash to Desktop) I found myself losing confidence in the mod ! It felt like starting any map was not worth it “because it might crash“. How demoralising. So I decided to find out which maps are reliable and publish the results here. I will eventually debug the unstable one’s.

Unless otherwise stated I am testing by running a 64 layer map on a dedicated Linux server on another machine over LAN. The tickets are usually at least 500 to 1000 which gives at least a half hour to 1 hour game. Unless otherwise stated its the server that crashes. Sometimes some maps are stable when started from within the client menu, but crash when started on the server. I could list those as “stable” but Coop play should really take priority in a mod such as this which is primarily multiplayer focused if it’s human players online or a few human players in a Coop game with bots. As an added bonus playing using the dedicated server gives better performance of the AI (unless they have some monster CPU) as, unless the server is on another machine, the server instance can be run on a separate CPU core to the client.

(Note self: Arad, Dukla, Peagasus, Sammatus and Seelow need restesting because I did not have some of the installer files copied across to the server. Quick test shows Arad still crashes).


Some of these maps may have hard to find bugs such as a missing or improperly setup AI templates in some obscure corner of the map, or other “edge case” bugs that may still occasionally crash the map. If so report it on the FH forum, or even better debug it yourself, encourage or bribe a friend to, etc.

I have skipped a lot of the official maps, apart from maps like Battle of Keren and others because some of them are more recent maps and just as a kind of ground truth to prove that the official Coop maps are much more stable (they are).

Anctoville (official).

Argentan (unofficial)

Bastogne (official).

Battle of Brest (unofficial).

Battle of Keren (official).

Eppeldorf (official).

Falaise Pocket (official).

Gold Beach (official).

Hurtgen Forest (official).

Kasserine Pass 2008 (unofficial).

Started skipping official Western Front maps as the one’s I’ve tested are stable (will add any that CTD here).

Lenino (offical).

  • Despite what I said above thought I’d give this a test as its a much newer map.

Longues Sur Mer (unofficial).

Operation Greif (unofficial).

  • Directory is named “malmedy”.

Operation Cobra (official).

  • Checked this one anyway even though its official as its been unstable in the past.

Operation Totalize (official).

  • Checked this as previously its been unstable but seems OK now (see notes).

Orscholtz (unofficial).

  • Did not get to play this for very long (half an hour) but seems stable.

Siege of Tobruk Night (unofficial night conversion of official map).

  • Night maps really need to have some kind of handicap on bot vision applying.

St. Mere Eglise (unofficial).

  • Night map.


Advance on Foy (unofficial).

Arad (unofficial Coop version of official map).

  • Instantly crashes when connecting to this map running on a dedicated server.
  • Client game lasts for a while then CTD.

Beda Fomm (unofficial).

Bloody Gulch (unofficial).

Carentan (unofficial).

Dukla (unoffical coop version of official map).

El Agheila (unofficial)

  • fh2: AI/AIDLL/AI/AIUtils/CustomCurve.cpp:105: float dice::hfe::ai::CustomCurve::calculate(float, bool) const: Assertion `0′ failed.

Fort Capuzzo (unofficial).

Gazala (official).

  • Could actually be stable if this was just a fluke. Stable on server but client crashed and I had to rejoin.

Juin 1944 (unofficial).

Mareth Line (official)

Mersa Matruh (unofficial coop version of official map).

  • The official version already has Coop but there were some problems with it according to Darman. The level directory is “mersa_macoop”.

Mount Olympus (official).

Ogledow (unofficial).

  • This is conversion to Coop by “garylee”.

Operation Nordwind (unofficial).

Operation Aberdeen (unofficial).

  • Can be in this map for a long time but it did crash on me once.

Pegasus (unofficial coop conversion of offical map).

  • Directory name is “pegasus_coop”.

Reichswald (unofficial).

Sammatus (unoffical conversion of official map).

  • Directory name is “sammatus_coop
  • CTD brings down client not server.

Seelow Heights (unoffical coop conversion of offical map).

  • Directory name is “seelow_coop”.
  • CTD brings down client not server.

Sidi Muftah (unofficial).

Studienka (offical).

Valkenswaard (unofficial).

  • Consistently crashes a few minutes into game. This is unusual for the official maps.


  • For some reason some maps crash the client immediately on level load (just at the end of the load meter before the join button comes up). The server stays up. Restarting the client then successfully loads the level the next time. I suspect this to be something to do with Punkbuster but have not confirmed this.
  • Some maps that I had previously flagged as unstable show as stable when run on the server (I was previously testing maps by starting them using “Create Local” in the client).
  • Some maps, when starting up, report “Not supported in run time” in the server console.