Coop Support for CMP Pacific maps in Forgotten Hope

Ivanwazowsky on the Forgotten Hope 2 forums has released Coop versions of the CMP (Collaborative Multi Player) maps Berlin, Wake island, Tarawa and Tulagi. These were always impressive maps, especially the Pacific one’s which hark back to the early days of Battlefield game play with 1942. Coop support for them was requested years ago. I even briefly tried to start adding the support myself at one point. It’s not easy, especially with complex maps such as these one’s. I played Tarawa for over an hour and that remained stable. However for me Tulagi crashed 15 minutes in so there is still some more work to be done to make them stable (for comparison I was in a Coop Project reality map for over 2 hours with no crashes but they tend to be beta tested by a lot more people).

So download these new Coop maps for Forgotten Hope and support this developer !