First it was smoke grenades that can blind bots, now it’s suppressive fire !

Even to this day the Battlefield 2 bots remain some of the most advanced artificial intelligence in the video gaming world. They may not be quite as sneaky as some games AI such as taking cover or flanking, but in Battlefield 2 the bots show off by exploiting as much of the open world as possible. They jump in vehicles and aircraft and can quickly bring an entire Battlefield 2 map to life, even if they are never able to match the antics of human players.

In Coop and Single Player1, even though the bots were a welcome addition to BF2 and an advance on the Battlefield 1942 bots, their weak spot has sometimes been the inability to reproduce the tactical elements of PvP such as using smoke screens and heavy fire to suppress an enemy. In BF2 the human player experiences a suppression effect in game when under heavy fire as a distortion of their vision in the game. Bots cannot experience that … until now …

On the forum “SERPIKO” initially started inquiring about some AI modifications … “Make infantry bots keep away from heavy armored vehicles, A possible workaround?“. That turned into a discovery about how to duplicate human suppression by enemy fire in the AI. Weapons can be altered in a such a way that the weapon will alter the bots behaviour to create a form of suppression that acts on the bots. 

QUOTE (Fastj@ck @ Feb 18 2019, 09:43 AM) *
I made also many experiments with this and i came to the conclussion that the ThrownFireComp triggers the AI to run away.

Holy crap!! It actually works! Now when I shoot an enemy or the ground near an enemy, they stop firing and sprint away from where I shot! This makes them more annoying to kill, but on the flip side, they won’t fire back when they are sprinting away – exactly simulating the real-world effect of suppressive fire! This is game-changing!

Comment by phale on forum.

So along with smoke grenades that can block bots vision (see the video above) it looks like we now have a way of making bots react to suppression. This provides some quite exciting possibilities for Coop and solo game play, as well as potentially adding a lot to mods that retain Coop/Solo primarily for training scenarios such as Project Reality. 

It would also be nice to see the AI friendly smoke grenade and this suppression effect implemented in the Forgotten Hope mod. However they do not have a dedicated Coop/SP developer at the moment so please apply if you are interested.

So there you go. Now anything seems possible. Maybe the bots can be trained to canvas EA/DICE employee’s to actually release a digital download version of BF2 one day.

Stay tuned.

1. Single Player in BF2 is usually a reference to Coop with one human player and not the official Single Player mode in BF2. If Battlefield 2 were released today playing solo in Coop would be called “PvE” as it is in Tom Clancy’s The Division.